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Everyone Loves Before and After Pics

When Scott buys a house to rehab, one of the least important things to him is taking before pictures. I don't think it even crosses his mind. He has completed over 300 flips and we have precious few before pictures. He walks into a house and is ready to go. He's can't wait to tear out old floors, paint cabinets and walls, repair roofs and foundations, and do everything else that goes along with putting new life into a house that has been neglected and abandoned. He is in a hurry. Time is money and before pictures don't make money.

But....people love to see the transition. I love to see it. I know these pictures don't affect the bottom line, but they are so cool. The flipping programs on television are geniuses about enticing us to watch the whole show so we can see the reveal at the end. They flash the before and after pictures of each room and we are amazed at the transition. In the same way, I am always surprised at what my husband does in a few short weeks each time he rehabs a house! So, on this house, I quickly got in there before he started and took some before pics! Enjoy. (The Energizer Bunny already beat me to the next flip which he is working on now. Sorry, no before pics!)


Before and After Pictures

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