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Riding the Roads with Scotty-Boy

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Whenever Scott and I go anywhere and people find out that he “flips” houses, they are extremely interested.  Many mention they dream of doing something similar.

Maybe one reason for this is the popular real estate investing shows like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper that have romanticized house flipping. Seeing a house go from dilapidated to stunningly beautiful in a one-hour episode is not only entertaining, but very satisfying. After binge watching these shows, many people start envisioning themselves getting into rehabbing houses. It seems exciting and profitable. Even though I live with a house flipper, I also love watching and occasionally binging on these shows, but these shows are staged and produced for entertainment.They are not reality!

Don’t get me wrong, investing in and rehabbing homes is a great business. It is rewarding and profitable, but people will often give up after one or two flips. Successful house flipping takes multiple hours of research, knowledge of the market, smart investing strategies, home construction and rehab skills, plenty of available money, lots of persistence and so much more!

My husband has amazing entrepreneurial skills and I’m blown away by his endless energy. Sometimes I think, Hey, I'll hang out with Scott-boy today! So I hop up in his SUV, buckle in, and head off with him into the world of buying and selling and improving houses. It’s always an adventure, but oh so different from the fairytale shows on television.

You want to learn more about what a real live home flipper does? Stay tuned!

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